240: an architect's psychosis
a 12' movie by haris donias
Nov 28 6pm 109 Harvard GSD

It's late at night. An architect still works at his office and places an order over the phone.
There is a chance that he is being persecuted.
The delivery man arrives. Will he leave?
Could the delivery man be one of the people that follow him?
Is it all a big coincidence?

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on processes and systems

"During his formative years in Germany, he was a member of Zero (an international group of artist, active ca. 1957-1966). This group was held together with common motivations: the longing to re-harmonize man and nature and to restore art's metaphysical dimension. They sought to organize the pictorial surface without using traditional devices.
Although their methods differed greatly, most of the work was monochromatic, geometric, kinetic, and gestural. But most of all they used nontraditional materials such as industrial materials, fire and water, light, and kinetic effects. The influence of the Zero group and the materials they used is clear in Haacke's early work from his paintings that allude to movement and expression to his early installations that are formally minimal and use earthly elements as materials.
These early installations focused on systems and processes. Condensation Cube (1963–65) embodies a physical occurrence, of the condensation cycle, in real time. Some of the themes in these works from the 1960s include the interactions of physical and biological systems, living animals, plants, and the states of water and the wind. He also made forays into Land Art, but by the end of the 1960s his art had found a more specific focus." [via Wikipedia]

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Lightballet by Otto Piene now @ LIST MIT (photos found through LIST)

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56 experimental light-machines

These are the 56 light-machines we have created in the zitofos workshop at Alexandroupolis this summer. The work I will be showing at MassArt is based on these experimentations and the research I do at MIT Art, Culture, + Technology. Stay tuned!

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for the upcoming installation @ Brant Gallery, MassArt!

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occupy time

@harvard yard



Pecha Kucha 25

@ club oberon

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talk @ MIT

I was invited to present my work at MIT Art, Culture, & Technology along with Nomeda Urbonas. The talk is about on spatial installations/ interventions, taste (and preferences, likes and needs), role of audience (interactivity), and the hidden properties of space (real-artificial).

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