PK No 26

PechaKucha Boston 26
Tue Apr 24
OBERON, 2 Arrow Street, Cambridge, MA
Doors at 6pm, 20x20 talks at 7pm
Free and open to the public

20x20 talks
- Anthony DeVincenzi, MIT Media Lab researcher, Tangible Media Group
- Bryant Ross and Pete Strutt, designers at Continuum
- Dongwoo Yim and Rafael Luna, co-founders of PRAUD
- Lou Susi, user experience designer
- Karl Stephan, artist
- Keith Lagreze, designer at over,under
- Sean Follmer, MIT Media Lab researcher, Tangible Media Group
- Steph Yiu, new media strategist at America's Test Kitchen
- Tony Davlin, glass artist at T-Davlin

- Ben Gebo Photography
- Klein-Dytham Architecture
- PechaKucha Global



teaching thesis @ wit

how the 8 thesis advisors are perceived by the students

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a women's panel

Figure 01. The 3 presenters (Left to Right): Caitlin Berrigan, Andi Sutton, and Zenovia Toloudi 

Figure 02. Evelyn Rydz and the 3 presenters

"A conversation on (the future of) space: architecturally (Zenovia), naturally (Andi), and culturally (Caitlin)."Jonathan Santos
It has been a pleasure to work for 4 months together with Jonathan Santos and Evelyn Rydz, the curators of The Garden Lab, who are educators at MassArt and renowned artists themselves. Not only they did provide the space and resources, but also consultancy, colleagiallity, and friendship.

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April 26: dissertation defense anniversary
April 14: birthday



green tea financiers

when japanese, french and greek cuisine meet in boston.
made by DZLAB



B-Z @ convergence

Figure 01. Convergence

Figure 02. B-Z presents Spatial Light

Thursday, April 26, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Brant Gallery, 3rd floor, South Hall, MassArt

Garden Lab would like to invite you to an evening of conversation on the convergence between art, science and nature with Garden Lab’s artists-in residence: Andi Sutton, Caitlin Berrigan and Zenovia Toloudi with Jane Marsching, respondent. A reception to follow with the participating artists and contributors.

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beach during spring


march lovers

found outside Media Lab

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