happy b-day BEE-ZEE!

BEE-ZEE is becoming 1 year old today!

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hap-pig year!

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these are photos from friday's talk20 [by unknown author so far].
you can see the amazing core of crownhall [although the initial function was different than that of lectures and presentations] full of people: ~300!
i really liked the presentations, and although they were coming from 12 different speakers, the result was very coherent.
i showed some of my [art] work related to cities or other urban complexes, some you might have seen in this blog: like venice biennale and some others i did in greece some years ago; all together with my current interests- explored in this blog as well: like mcc! thomas kearns that was presenting after me talked about sandbox, interactive architecture, video games and [of course !] 2nd life, which was great match with my presentation. [i really wanted to include 2nd life but its boring-for others-to talk about things you are not really into them!]
martin's presentation was 20 competitions he did the last 10[?] years. very fresh and very architectural presentation on contemporary ideas. when i was reading about pecha kucha i found out that toyo ito had presented 20 competitions he had lost! and i thought this is a brilliant idea for that kind of show!
well, martin included the ones urbanlab won: his final slide was the the h20 chicago project- urbanlab: future of the city national winners!
it was so fun!
the graphics from most of the competitions were very beautiful.
extension gallery was also presented by paula palombo and i was very proud to see some of my photos of the recent show "traps" on this presentation!
i was happy to meet penelope dean, a woman with a very dynamic presentation on publications for the last [20?] years, non linearly presented.
there were more things going on... a perfect video at the end by plasmastudio which i hope to have a chance to watch more concentrated soon.

on the previous post i [?] made a mistake regarding barbara di gregorio presenting in talk20.
unfortunately we lost the chance to see her amazing slides.

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looks an exciting event but also embarassing since it is going to be my first time to present something in public. although they say talk 20 is not a lecture but a gathering, the crowd appearing in the photos of the website seems big.
besides the event takes place in crownhall!!!

some of the people that are presenting are martin felsen [national winner for the city of the future with his work with urbanlab], paula palombo [director of extension gallery], thomas kearns [young passionate professor at iit dedicated to computers], john jourden [chief editor at archinect] and others. not to forget barbara di grigorio [enthousiastic global woman working at holabird and root] and enrica longo [quite but strong young architect currently researching prefab and mobility in architecture]. please click on names for more information.
more about talk20 after friday!
i am looking forward!

the format of talk20 is predecided:
everybody has to present 20 slides for 20 seconds each. so each powerpoint lasts for 6 min and 40 sec.
talk20 is similar to pecha kucha. i think the idea of these short presentations of creative individuals has started in tokyo.

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2nd friday extensively ::

it was great to see almost everybody from the architectural world of chicago...
the woman shadow is paula palombo, the woman behind the extension gallery in pilsen.
she used to live in this cool and cold space for some years!
last photo includes the remnants of the "after dinner party" for the "celebrities" in south loop.
unfortunately i missed most of the fun at the dark skylark!
by the way if you need a such a good looking tv, i can help you by giving you some tutorials ;)

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... won!
congratulations to urbanlab!
click here

this february is so exciting month!

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< trapped >

this weekend i am trapped in the extension gallery.
this ritual preparation is sometimes more fun than the final event itself.
i hope to see familiar faces next friday night [feb 09] at pilsen in order to be drifted by jonathan miller's flow!

2nd fridays artwalk

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recently i found out that in USA and Canada the 13th floor is missing from many high rise buildings.
13 is considered an unlucky number [since it is a highly composite number?] and although architects/ owners are not [often] superstitious they have to skip floor 13 due to low rentability of this floor.
sometimes they rename the floor 12A or they give to the floor another function [ex. mechanical equipment etc].
in asia 4 is considered to be an unlucky number due to its death meaning. so they have similar policies for 4.14. 24 etc.

thirteen floor

life of an architect is such a complicated life sometimes...

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