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as some of the chicagoans know URBANLAB is the firm that will represent chicago [after winning the local competition] in the engineering and empire "city of the future" competition.
i was lucky enough to be martin felsen's teaching assistant for a year at IIT and i had the opportunity to participate in the research he has been doing together with the students for urban design.
in this project each team had a week to prepare but URBANLAB's ideas have been definetely emerging from the long chicago megalopolis research. its kind of interesting that there is an american firm touching the overloaded words of sustainable, eco-design in a non-boring way. by looking into their proposal i think its an original idea responding to the characteristics of chicago.
to vote chicago [midwest], new york [east] or los angeles [west] click here.

*until feb 2nd

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"the familiar is what guides us to invention... it is a great pity that students are always asked to "invent" by staring at a blank piece of paper.
invention exists only in the context of the familiar, and schools should teach such bread-and-butter buildings of familiar life" by demetri porphyrios

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sanaa:: toledo glass pavilion:: 1


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sanaa:: toledo glass pavilion:: 2


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sanaa:: toledo glass pavilion:: 3



sanaa:: toledo glass pavilion:: 4



sanaa:: toledo glass pavilion:: 5