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apple picking together of course with [fruity] wine testing is a very relaxing activity after an intense architectural week... =]
12$ for a small bag
18$ for a large one
super delicious red delicious and not only!

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the pecha kucha night

i was very happy to present right after the creative meejin yoon + eric höweler:

i showed some projects of mine as they have formed in various [archetype] urban settings, like for example in the metropolis, metapolis etc.

of course the very recent MCUS* was part of it too:

this was a really nice friday night to my new town:
i could watch lot of interesting presentations and enjoy this special night with many old + new friends.
and of course drinks afterwards... =]
thanks everyone for coming!

** photos by olga.

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last year i had the chance to present my thoughts and work to talk20 chicago!
since pecha kucha was the original idea behind it, i am very happy to participate in this one!
i am really looking forward to seeing you there and hear your thoughts and comments about my work and not only!

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just received:


yellow ad.

*photos by sophie
** screen shot and info about the system here