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Moralis' atelier


" Τί είναι ένα πανεπιστήμιο;
Είναι μία υπόθεση συγκοινωνούντων δοχείων.
Ὀχι μόνο μεταξύ των καθηγητών, της γνώσης, και της μεταφοράς της γνώσης, αλλά μίας δημοκρατικής ισοπέδωσης της ύπαρξης μεταξύ καθηγητών, φοιτητών, φοιτητών μεταξύ τους. Είναι όλοι τους συγκοινωνούντα δοχεία. Και η γνώση και η δημιουργικότητα έρχεται και δημουργεί έναν απίστευτο ορίζοντα.
Αυτό είναι το πανεπιστήμιο. "

από τη συνέντευξη του Κώστα Βαρώτσου στο Μονόγραμμα (23 Νοεμβρίου 2016)



bz @bp

a (shorter) version of my article on Public Space (initially published in The Conversation) is featured in the Business Partners print magazine Nov/Dec issue [link] it is also published in the online version of the magazine [link] with photos (by Gerald Auten) of the Strauss gallery exhibition on the topic of public space



what architecture can do for democracy?

Photos from final review of my art, architecture and public space studio course at Dartmouth Studio Art. The students have been working on design projects for social space and public action through the lens of art/architecture for the Washington Square park in New York. The course also run in parallel with the Speak! Listen! Act! exhibition 

last tour

Last private gallery tour of Speak!Listen!Act! exhibition at Strauss Gallery, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Dartmouth with special guests Ricardo Camacho, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Alise Upitis, Anita Hamalainen and Scott Snyder 

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Speak! Listen! Act! @archisearch

Speak! Listen! Act! exhibition featured in Archisearch.
Edited by Anthi Rozi. [ link ]

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instagram without smartphone

even if bee-zee has been an earlier form of what instagram stands for now... i created an instagram account to have another public voice, a visual one, in order to be connected to people. i made it without smartphone. 

[instagram LINK]


bz interview

Excited to participate in this video describing the experience of Dartmouth Public Voices Fellowship 2016. Watch BZ's appearance at 5.46