velvet lounge

[looking forward to go on thursday]

_last night last jazz jam before the demolition
[they have already started moving out]:

_it can not be compared though to my first one during summer:

*first photo was taken from the velvet lounge website

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cooks VS experts

_rem for critics:

"we are suffering form the inability of the critics to analyze what we are really doing, to show what we are not doing, or to suggest what we should be doing.
we need the critics to be our partners, not our alies, and evenless our business representatives"

which reminds me--->

_petros [writer] for critics:
[π.τατσόπουλος, "τιμής ένεκεν", σελίδα 252:]

..."i can stand anything form someone that knows how to cook... i am fed up with experts for cuisine. i am sick of connoisseurs!... i want to listen to the cooks themselves"...

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_toyo for rem:
[from page 100 of s,m,l,xl]

"purely in terms of design, i find myself comparing you to a mechanical baseball pitcing machine, the kind you see often on japanese batting practice ranges, where the ball is controlled perfectly without the emotional or spiritual agitation of a real pitcher. this leaves me with an impression of freshness that i have not often seen among architects in europe, or anywhere else for that matter..."

_characterized by the japanese press: "human batting machine"= ichiro suzuki:

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_i am very happy to use the screenhunter software!
but i could not make a scoop!

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_20060314,lecture from craig dykers, in chicago architecture foundation:
[snøhetta is the 2nd highest mountain in norway; craig dykers is not norwegian though-i think]

_lecture's sniff: snøhetta's work+nature:
craig dykers, mr snøhetta, emphasizing :"stone wall, one monolithic piece moved between countries"... or snøhetta's rendering* showing a[nother] piece of marble moving by ship to be located...
[very interesting waves test on a model for this turner museum project on an area that has one hurricane per year]

*rendering downloaded from snøhetta's official web page

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gotham city

_i like the large windows of this hotel lobby we used to drink tea some nights.
on halloween period you could see emptiness + few batmen around instead of this green figure:

_spending the daytime underground is not acceptable though even in a mies's basement; not to mention some of mies's dark ground floors

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_[click here to view the: -> "stripe_screen"]

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_tom cruise used to be my brother:

_i remembered him when i discovered the car-loft*
*its not so unusual nowadays, they have in tehran and buenos aires according to my short research

_its impossible not to relate with marina city*:

*where some of my friends live!

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_st patrick's day [dyeing the chicago river]

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_lina bo bardi enjoying the sedia chair she designed:

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_masp= Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Lina Bo Bardi
built in Sao Paulo, ~1957-1958 one year after crownhall(!)
74 meters open space underneath for concerts, markets and other events!

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sesc pompeii

_few have seen lina bo bardi's sesc pompeii cultural center complex.
sao paulo, 1977:

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_> from green line

to red line_>



_guerilla studio [=phenomenon!] only for 6 people [non representative photo though!]

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