_i found out about molo (from canada) in neocon and i thought they are f r e s h in a way.

*photos taken from the molo website. click here


on the web

_you can see me working in the office here


split prize

_zoka zola was awarded with honorable mention on the split competition that i have participated!

* photo taken from zokazola website ;)




_i don't wear high heels, but i could probably wear these ones: not because they are so beautiful (i think so-so) but only because they are a product of an architectural process:

_today the "tres sympa" rem d.koolhaas, gave a very humoristic, quite honest lecture on merchandise mart in chicago during the neocon trade fair 2006.
he started designing shoes when his girlfriend broke up with him!
he showed how the thesis he did in delft was related to his shoes interest: it was about scales in architecture and the shoe scale was one of the five he was defining... the examples of le corbusier and buckminster fuller (regarding scale) were interesting for me due to my own thesis interest on scale. some people freaking out if you are looking to the history, but its important to know what has been done in order not to repeat the same processes...
rem d.koolhaas also admitted that part of his network was built due to his oncle name!

a very fresh lecturer:finally-especially after watching the frank gehry movie by sydney pollack last night!


photos from here and here


marimekko - iit

_just passed through crownhall today: they are preparing for marimekko exhibition starting june 10!
all beautiful marimekko fabrics were laying on the floor and wood panels or hanging from the ceiling!!!
i am looking forward to see the finnish design inside the german building!

*flowers fabric images taken from here