kevin harrington's lecture on minerals and metals research [often called: m&m] building* on february 22:

_m&m candy: hard exterior-soft interior.
[iit lectures are famous for their huge soft cookies that they dissapear before the importnat people arrive!
this time there were only m&m ones!]

_m&m building: "hard" clear elevation- soft "free" interior.
[a clearly organized system to host activities that change over time.]

_m&m building is a building in process. not exactly transitional.
but mies made various("over+over") drawings in order to pick the optimum one.
there was strength in all of them and he was studying them comparitavely.

_myself the night of the lecture!!!

_the space without the event

_empty studio after friday's review (in the other half of the building)

_"architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space" mies's motto printed on his autograph under a hollywood photo of his face!
i was amazed to listen to mies's voice(speaking for the epoch) in a mp3 file discovered by c.

*m&m building is the 3rd building for architect students/studios in iit after crownhall and 3410.

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