la: more gehry!

while i was walking on this complex [mall?] i thought it must be gehry's work.
but then i said maybe not.

on the other hand...i could not realise at all that this house i was stunning while rollerblading at venice was gehry's venice beach house!!!

apparently the complex IS gehry's work!
it is called edgemar![clic]
i am confused!!!
i guess its los angeles fault! everything is so gehristic!!!

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la: the binoculars

while i was in la i really wanted to experience the scale of the binoculars [entrance of] the building. by frank gehry.

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la: walt disney

this is a detail of the walt disney building by frank gehry.
found inside my "to blog" directory.

[walt disney is located in los angeles downtown close to rafael moneo cathedral posted previously on bee-zee]

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another side of chicago downtown during winter!
picnic days are impossible starting today!

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a shadow

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made in japan

my friend and talented young architect liberdade came back from japan and posted photos of my favorite moriyama house!
it is designed by ryue nishizawa!
the house is a cluster of buildings where every room is a seperate building!
the idea was also that part of the building could be rent when not in use;
an idea i explored also on a undergraduate house studio [not to this level though!!!]
i think now [according to liberdade] 6 owners live in moriyama house.
in the past i had found an entry on moriyama house in gravestmor with photos [scanned?] from domus 888.

photo taken from here.

check more on liberdade's tour from the building of the century [which century i wonder] sendai mediatheque!

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next to jail 2 courthouse[s]

1959: dirksen and kluzinski federal buildings in chicago by mies.
[seagram was the prototype]
the photos are from the dirksen one

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monday morning

today i found a surprise on my desk at the office:
it was an article by alice t.friedman about the relationship between architect-client regarding the farnsworth house:

"she soon discovered that what mies wanted, and what he thought he had found in her, was a patron who would put her budget and her needs aside in favor of his own goals and dreams as an architect"

and about mies's struggle:

"mies's reputation was impressive and his work has admired in elite and academic circles, but he needed exposure- he needed to built. dr edith farnsworth seemed to be the answer to his prayers"

i could not read the whole article, it looks interesting and i guess there are plenty of things to argue about...
but i have some questions:

is it always the same? between the 2 [client-architect]?
is it possible that mies felt like needing to built?

a respond to the 2nd:
i spent 2 years in an entire campus designed by mies.
and now i work in an area downtown with quite few buildings from mies around me!
so, there is hope for architects!
i end up with my favorite motto:

*[for those who have not built yet]

relasted posts:

and more on bee-zee favorites...

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favelas :: favela

* via nat friedman
see all the photos that the brazilian kids took here

favelas :: rio

* via nat friedman
see all the photos that the brazilian kids took here


little tokyo, los angeles: I

little tokyo, los angeles: II


bee-zee at southpark

its me:

create your own southpark character now here!
it is so much funnnnnn!

*via bassam


farnsworth house :: I THINK IT CAN BE DONE

“I pointed out to him (Mies) that it (a glass house) was impossible because you had to have rooms, and that meant solid walls up against the glass, which ruined the whole point. Mies said, ‘I THINK IT CAN BE DONE.’” Philip Johnson speaking at a symposium held at the School of Architecture, Columbia University, 1961

farnsworth house :: part I

late to the initial tour;
farnsworth house hidden in the forest behind its odd info center: