il conformista

_i had an interesting discussion in the weekend about architecture and comformism,
about architects embracing trends and people being amazed by old ideas rather than new and so on...
some after thoughts relating to the "conformist architect" term brought in the talk:

_not referring to those who can [first] create the trend, not even those who re-create it but those that can not see beyond the "fashion"

_bertolucci's movie [il conformista]:

visually is absolutely beautiful [vittorio storaro]
its non linear!
now i am looking into the relationship of young american architecture and fascism mentioned by a student to the director in the past![referring to the white walls?]

_i found this in google by accident[!!!] today:

non-conformist chair by eileen grey[1926]
images found here, here, here and there




_athens 2006 cowparade:

*photos by Vasilis Kargas [journalist + writer]


> deadline

_today was my first day at work in usa!
i am working on a competition for few weeks with zoka zola

*spring gifts from my sister sophia!

2006 open house

_may 12 at 5:30:


_the installation of barbara + enrica [photo by enrica]:

_the coolest installation by josh + kristi:

_the last moment in iit was so funny [this scooter was SO fast]:

= deadline

_may 11 at 11 [live online by enrica]:

_friends + commitee:

_professors[:from left to right: harry mallgrave, ben nicholson, jonathan miller, martin felsen]


_the [interesting] comments:

*all photos by bassam