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i 'll try to avoid blogging for a while!

here is from where i blog right now though ;)
:zee corner, "guerilla studio", 3410, iit



_this blog will definetely destroy me:
for those who did not have time to play around with the website i suggested to my previous post... dont worry i keep playing with it:

_dealing with triangles this one year + half, i find it interesting the way the 2 facades are meeting by creating this slot.
also, i love this out of rythme piece of concrete...
one more thing... if you are in the L-platform you really have this feeling of flatness between the facade of mcc and the building behind
[unfortunately i lost my personal photo...]



_a played out dilemma: "to design a prison or not?" could be relevant [again] while looking to this building designed by harry weese in 1975

it was a love at first sight:
imagine the moment my oncle is driving me to iit... coming from the suburbs, passing throught the loop's gate and suddenly... this amazing building appears on the window!

imagine another moment:
sitting in my tuesday practice class... thinking of my thesis and future and suddenly... listening to my professor [john hartray] saying how they worked with harry on this project...

m c c = metropolitan correctional center
"...it is often compared to old computer cards that used punched slots..."

photo from here

photo from here
you can also go there

photo from here


b l a n k e t

_"site selection day" for my blanket_is today:

women doing blanket toss during nalukataq [spring whaling celebration]
photo found here


from no_35

_normally i hate big group trips but thinking positevely ... i had a lot of fun sketching, while waiting for Jeanne Gang's arrival from Chicago in the MuBE museum by Paulo Mendes da Rocha:

_... analyzing architecture of Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Vilanova Artigas with Guilherme Mendes [two of his sketches for the structural analysis]:



_paulo mendes de rocha, galleria leme, sao paulo,2004:


_paulo mendes da rocha, sao paulo, 1987:


_Paulo Mendes da Rocha, MuBE: Museu Brasileiro de Escultura [brazilian museum of sculpture], Sao Paulo, 1986-1995


_the infinite brazilian inspiration.
[i need to start a new blog dedicated to this country or at least to my intense trip there!]
it was a fair decision to give some publicity to the work of Paulo Mendes da Rocha by awarding him with the Pritzker Prize 2006!
i was happy to meet nana and guilherme, his daughter and his son in Escola da Cidade while i was in Sao Paulo.
nana is a (young ~27) student there, after having finished design studies and guilherme is (older ~40) architect and professor.
both of them offered to us interesting tour to the buildings of their father as well as of other important brazilian architects.


_paulo mendes da rocha_patriarch plaza, sao paulo
a huge concrete canopy suspended from a portico that serves as shade for pedestrians