the cages

pink landscape

pink-purple water and sky




doctoral students and friends meeting at the beach


cities of mussels




edible soil [almost]

mixed-color sand after being digged in order to find mussels and other living organisms. photos taken in a beach near capecod.


35 million years old

petrified forest of evros, more than 35 million years old. the biggest in greece, and the biggest found in the area south of the alpes.the photos show:
a. a 19-meter-long trunk of an oak tree
b. a fern
c. a leaf of an ancestral oak tree
d. a leaf of cinnamon family
*all photos collected by maria toloudi

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the bird

the bird and the boat, and few more things.
*photo taken by gtroza


space without [the] people

this is a very personal post, but the thoughts may be useful in architectural discourse too, especially on issues regarding space, time and memory. these photos depict, to some extend, the place where I grew up (and still continue to) in alexandroupolis. it is the house of my grandparents. i observe the power of space to bring back the people who has gone. in fact, the moment the people go, it is sad to be in the space. after a period it may be less sad; you wanna go there and look for them.



a dream came true

being part of MIT has been a desire since long time ago. the cube at MIT was love at first sight. the last 4 years the cube was loaded with many interesting educational and personal moments. now i am happy to have my office in there as a research affiliate at art, culture, and technology!

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visual debate

Porphyry of Tyros, famous for his Introduction to Categories (Isagoge), is here depicted (right man) in an imaginary debate with Averroes. Image found in Wikipedia. Thank you gtroza for pointing out Porphyry's work for my doctoral research and thank you WIT for reminding me about him.

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the noun project

i recently found this categorization of symbols in the website of WIT where I teach this semester. although the creativity of symbols does not always meet the level of the 2x4 iit symbols for students activities. it is a very cool documentation for many of the symbols that exist in the globe. the more information for the noun project in the noun project website. here you can find and download the symbols. all images are taken from the noun project website.

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light blue

*photos taken by maria toloudi in the alexandroupolis sea

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