an architect's office

"what is this structure resembling an airplane"? my sister asked and i was happy to remember that sigeru ban's temporary office was inside pompidou:

i was lucky to have seen the process of its realization in a detailed portfolio from a student that was part of its construction team. looking to this structure was a very inspirational moment in my master's thesis and iit years:

last, an informative photo regarding context:

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i always thought that these covers were supposed to reveal an important surprise but i guess for a preservation there are not many new things to expect.
paris is definitely beautiful in every corner.

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currently preparing for heterotopias exhibition which will start in thessaloniki at 9[sept]-11!
i 'll keep you posted ;]

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interactive paris map

here we are at "cite" metro station in paris...and we want to know how to get to "charles de gaule" airport:
you press the destination button and the lamps show you the way!