ACSA 101

Bee-Zee is going to San Francisco! Paper, under the title "Natural and Artificial Light as Energy: Experiments in Space" has been accepted in the Energy Circuits + Artificial Ecologies category of ACSA at Energy Circuits panel directed by Sean Lally.
About ACSA 101:
March 21-24, 2013, San Francisco
Host School: California College of the Arts
Co-chairs: Ila Berman, California College of the Arts; Ed Mitchell, Yale University

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b-z @ MIT museum



Limited natural light in working/living indoor spaces of dense urban environments often causes mental and health disorders such as decreased productivity, depression, women’s cycle patterns irregularities. This research develops a series of architectural devices called Photodotes (=light donors) that transmit natural light energy from outdoor spaces to under-light indoor spaces through fiberoptic cables. This poster presents an experiment that used Photodotes to grow plants in water containers in a dark gallery at MassArt, Boston during Winter 2012. Through collecting, transferring, and emitting natural light, Photodotes helped plants to absorb energy in order to develop. Plants were used both as a model system for living organisms, but also for their potential function to become food energy sources themselves. Through this chain, Photodotes become a greenhouse environment that offers light energy in dark places, proposing a new type of sustainable architecture.  Photos in the poster by: Dominic Tschoepe

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photodotes may-day


bz @ MIT energy night

Photodotes was selected as part of MIT Energy Night. Open to the public: Friday October 19th, between 5:00pm-8:30pm

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