[jelly belly?] prehistoric dinosaur egg: $1.49, ages 3+

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thank you shop architects: except perhaps the last sentence, this is perfect!

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schein loft or *

*what winka dubbledam has to say

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spertus institute of jewish studies at chicago

by krueck+sexton

* last 3 photos taken from the k+s website.

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bee-zee is happy to celebrate 200 posts.

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what greg lynn...

... has to say nowadays:
1. computer as a MEDIUM rather than as a tool.
2. symmetry is STUPID.
4. GENERIC is not banal.
5. CLASSIC rather tham timeless.
6. all move to LOS ANGELES.

* explanations after request.

i have to say, i never liked his work. i guess lot of people would agree with me.
but i definitely believe that he has been so influential for [new generations of] architects that took his ideas, his thinking and made beautiful work.

many chicagoans had the opportunity to listen to him this wednesday in art institute.
the lecture was little bit too long and he showed so many [ugly] alessi products that i was getting tired but there was a nice feeling after it, because you had this feeling that finally he is realizing his ideas:blobs + blebs by using laser cutters, 3d printers and all the usual suspects.

the innovative greg lynn is also part of the united architects, where some years ago they did this:

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31st laundrymat::::01

the absolute [monthly] experience of living in south chicago!

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31st laundrymat::::02

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31st laundrymat::::03

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art party


orange zest

all architects love orange.
i am wondering if its an after rem effect.
is there anyone [including non-architects] that does not like it?
is it possible not to like it after this post?

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could i have this toilet only for myself?

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play w/ rem

from day 1 i fell in love with mtcc.

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agora by magdalena abakanowicz::
106 headless cast-iron figures
each: 9 feet tall + weighing 1,500 pounds

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