Recepient of Dartmouth Pubic Voices Fellowship

The purpose of the Dartmouth Public Voices Fellowship Program is to help interested faculty engage more effectively in public debate and join global conversations with a clear, confident voice. The fellowship will foster a community of public intellectuals who will extend the reach of their teaching and scholarship through major mainstream media outlets. 

To help realize these goals, Dartmouth has partnered with the OpEd Project—a social venture founded not only to impart important op-ed writing skills, but to encourage participation in all media thereby increasing the range of voices shaping our culture and our world. The OpEd Project provides training for fellows on how best to shape, frame, and ultimately present ideas to newspaper editors, television and radio producers, and to other media gatekeepers. 

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bz @Ambiances2016

My paper Atmospheres, Installations, and Laboratories: Architecture’s Experimental and Experiential Turn was accepted at the peer-review 3rd INT. CONGRESS ON AMBIANCES « Ατμόσφαιρες Αὐριο - Ambiances, demain - Ambiances, tomorrow » in Volos, Greece, 2016



essay @Technoetic Arts

The capsule as cyborg bioarchitecture


In 1969, Kisho Kurokawa stated the "capsule is cyborg architecture." The capsule is the ultimate form of the prefabricated building. As such it has emancipated itself from the land to become the immediate extension of the moving self, similar to cars or the Japanese kago, traditional people movers. In Japanese Metabolism, an architecture movement of the 1960s and 1970s, the capsule is a small, repeatable building unit rooted in historical elements, such as the teahouse and the kago. The capsule is also a tool – a machine for living – that is modular and part of a system offering simplicity and complexity. The capsule signifies individuality within a diverse society, standardization, functionality, technology, and smallness in scale. This essay re-examines the potential of the capsule in contemporary bioarchitecture, living systems, and evolving environments. Through Philip Galanter’s theory of “complexism,” the essay connects the capsule to modular(ity), embodiment, protective vulnerability, voyeurism, unpredictability, complexity, immateriality and ephemerality. I propose that the capsule instantiates a cyborg bioarchitecture.

Key words: bioarchitecture, architecture, art, biology, typology, complexity, capsule architecture, Japanese Metabolism, cyborg



in the real world...

...after the fist social event

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photodotes VI

last ladder




lights and electronics

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cantilever test on-site

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straight line



the beam

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new tool @HOP

ShopBot hole and material experiments. With Ben Geithner.



First mockup test at HOP with an earlier idea that eventually failed. With Ben Geithner.

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construction drawing

Structural sketch for the cantilever piece out of wood. Consultation by Greg Elder and George Toloudis. Fabrication with Ben Geithner at HOP woodworking workshop.

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new site - new work

Invited by Ms. Graziella Parati (on the left) to exhibit my work at Leslie Center for the Humanities. Taking measurements for the forthcoming wall intervention back in November 2015. The piece will be next to very beautiful Brenda Garand's mobile. Visit the center to see more work from Studio Art faculty. 

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