gallery talk summary

Today I had the honor and pleasure to present my work to my friends and colleagues. I thank everyone for their time, but mostly for their thoughtful questions that made me think my own work. 

Here is the summary of the talk:

about me: most of my work is small scale structures or art installations. through them i explore immaterial qualities of space; the engagement of the user; and their capacity (as both affordable and quick) to intervene in problematic situations and affect them.

about the exhibition: Speak!Listen!Act! explores architecture as a catalyst for social space and public action. 

what is the context / discourse in relation to public space: there are three different entities - and three types of discussions about public space, very different to each other: the social and political scientists and philosophers discuss the trio of public space/domain/sphere, and how public-ness has been affected by the cyberspace and what happens within public domain, Internet, and the social media. although we often think public domain is democratic, it is rarely a space for debate 

about public space / the bigger challenges of public space: less democratic, less spatial, less ours. but it used to be that public space through the well-known example of the ancient athenian agora, it was the center for not only social, artistic, commercial and athletic life, but also civic/political. it is where people voted and decided about the commons.

this exhibition is one instance of this research and pedagogy on building an architectural approach that is more social

other media i use/consider to disseminate and explore these ideas: op-ed/media, experiential learning studio, the need to connect to multiple types of audience

the three categories: adaptive structures, tectonics of democratization, playful micro-tectures

the function of the verbs / reference to Richard Serra
how I use art installation (versus installations as part of the digital fabrication)
building a language / dissertation
on axonometric drawing
about architectural activism

And the questions:

Can you present a project from each of the three categories?
Can you explain the project Street Warrior?
How does you work relate to the Internet and the public domain?
Why did you chose to use the verbs share and the exchange?
Why do you use the verb act for The Cage? Is it theatrical?
Why are you showing this particular project?
How it relates to Tony Smith's Die?


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