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DG: The reason I was interested in being an artist, was because the people I knew who were artists all wanted to be writers. Dan Flavin wanted to be like James Joyce, Smithson wanted to be like Jorge Luis Borges, and also Sol LeWitt, although he wasn’t a writer, was fascinated by literature. It was a period of artists being interested in literature. Even Andy Warhol, who was dyslectic, became a writer. It was a generation of artist writers. Back to writing about architecture, I actually found art criticism very boring. Then I discovered Oppositions, this magazine that was edited by Peter Eisenman, founder of the New Yorkbased Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. Some of the best writings were done by architects like Aldo Rossi’s writings about the city, or by Robert Venturi, and by architectural historians like Anthony Vidler or Kurt W. Forster.
UMB: I once asked some US-American architects why they are so profound in writing and the answer was, because USAmerican architects hardly have the opportunity to build.

DG: I also think those architects did a kind of self-education and part of it was visiting classical sites like in Italy...

Dan Graham with Ute Meta Bauer [ LINK ]

the simplistic reduction of white cube

DG: When I had my gallery, the John Daniels Gallery, the first show was around Christmas and I invited everybody who came into the gallery to put in works for the Christmas show. The person I felt closest to was Sol LeWitt, and Sol actually studied architecture at Syracuse University and worked for I. M.Pei. We also had the same favorite writer, Michel Butor, who was much more interesting to us than Robbe-Grillet. He has written a novel that took place in Northern England where the narrator was somehow stranded and couldn’t find his way around, so the city became a kind of labyrinth. It is called Passing Time and had a huge influence on Aldo Rossi as well as on Sol LeWitt and me. It was all about the city plan and I think my interest actually – from that novel – was the idea of art should be involved with the city plan and not with the white cube. At that time I thought that the white cube is a simplistic reduction...

Dan Graham with Ute Meta Bauer [ LINK ]


one year old!

My wall-intervention for the Leslie Center, Sync is On, turned one this February. An ongoing experiment on sensory architecture! Come visit at Dartmouth. Very thankful to Graziella Parati, Nisha Kommattam, and Sean Delmore, and who take care of it every day!

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bz @comida casera

Comida Casera, hosted by Evelyn Rydz and Samsøn. Photo by Evelyn Rydz

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Comida Casera

Comida Casera, hosted by Evelyn Rydz and SamsønComida Casera is an intimate event using food and storytelling to connect women in the community and women participating in the current exhibition, latinx@americañaza 

Click here to see my contribution [link]

Photo via Samsøn


οἶνος / οἶκος

My contribution to Comida Casera, hosted by Evelyn Rydz and Samsøn. Comida Casera is an intimate event using food and storytelling to connect women in the community and women participating in the current exhibition, latinx@americañaza 

οἶνος / οἶκος 

The notion of home (οἶκος), for a migrant, but not only,  is often associated with loss. For a Greek  it is unthinkable to recreate the exact taste of a food or drink, when away from home. It is never the same. One’s mother’s recipe is always the one and only way of constructing a taste. My mother does not like cooking, but when she cooks it is unique. And then it is worth combining this food with a glass of Greek wine (οἶνος). Mymother does not make wine, but her network of friends and experts can suggest to her the best kinds, each time. Wine is known since Ancient Greece, but in Greece nowadays it is still a luxurious product. After my mother lost her second parent, her mother, the feeling of loss had been unbearable for her. She then shared a prose, which I believe is biographical. It is about herself carrying to home a bottle of wine for the family. But the bottle breaks and the valuable good is now lost. The prose is called The Miraculous Substance. It is written by Maria Toloudi, whom I want to celebrate today, and everyday. 



bz featured in The D

"Toloudi discusses vision for teaching and new public spaces" by Kaina Chen. Published Tuesday January 24, 2017, 1:50am. With contributions from Kim Poliquin, Orkan Telhan, Phoebe Novello, and myself. 

To read the article, click the LINK


Happy New 2017


bz @AIAS

Celebrating art & architecture before the New Year! Heading to AIAS Forum 2016: Revolution where I organise an educational panel under the title Shaking (up) Foundations: The Art (re) Turn in Architecture. With Greg MacGlashing,  Charles (Jake) Rosenwald, Phoebe Novello, Panharith Ean Patrick Brady, and Sinead Parade. Forum lead organizer: Jared Guilmett 

See you there at 2pm!