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Μ Καραγάτση,Βυζάντιο,Πόλη ή Ισταμπούλ [via Maria Toloudi]


bz @HCII

B-Z will be participating on the Emotion and Ambient Computing parallel session as part of Human-Computer Interaction International Conference 2018.

  • On Interdependent Metabolic Structures: The Case of Cyborg Garden, Zenovia Toloudi, United States; Spyridon Ampanavos, Greece
  • Touch: Communication of Emotion through Computational Textile Expression, Felecia Davis, United States
  • Measuring Scarcity or Balancing Abundance: Some reflections on Human-building Interaction Paradigms from an Architectural Perspective, Selena Savic, Austria
  • Computing Atmospheres, Yasmine Abbas, United States
  • Collaborative Music Composition based on Sonic Interaction Design, Mauro Amazonas, Victor Vasconcelos, Adriano Brandão, Gustavo Kienem, Thais Castro, Bruno Gadelha, Hugo Fuks, Brazil

The panel is organized by Yasmine Abbas and will take place on Thursday, 19 July 2018: 10:30 – 12:30. For more info about this day's schedule, please click here.



bz @Ludics Harvard

It has been a particularly meaningful occasion to share my work Technoecologies: The Interplay of Space and its Perception, as part of Ludics Seminar at Harvard Mahindra Humanities Center. The seminar gave to me the opportunity to unfold some of the bigger motivations behind Technoecologies at the intersection of art, architecture and humanities that go back to the years of living and working in Greece. Many thanks to Ludics organizer Dr. Vassiliki Rapti and good friends and collaborators who attended Dr. Kristophe Diaz, and Vien Nguyen! An inspiring evening full of inspiration.