MCUS IV @ new prefecture building

Micro-Ceasefire Under Shadow IV (MCUS IV), part of the permanent collection of Threcian Pinacotheca, is isntalled the main lobby of the new prefecture building of Alexandroupolis, which hosts the collection. The inauguration marked the 110 years of historical presence of Prefectural Building in Alexandroupolis. The event occurred on Sunday, July 27,2014. Source: Alexnadroupolis Online




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horse view

numismatic meseum yard

more info for the cafe & the numismatic museum



found in ciel

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Parrhesiastic Play @AIANY

Our Parrhesiastic Play for NY public space got an award! And is now part of the "Designing for Free Speech" exhibition at AIA New York's Center for Architecture (536 LaGuardia Place New York, NY 10012). 

About the exhibition:
Theatrum Mundi, in partnership with the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, asked architects, designers, activists, artists, and anyone interested in imagining new spaces in the city for free expression to identify public spaces in New York City and propose re-designs that transform them into places that activate the rights enshrined in the First Amendment.

Applicants proposed architectural or performative designs (temporary or permanent) that transform spaces in New York City into places for public “demonstration.” This challenge was about re-imagining and idealizing existing spaces that have the potential to animate the public, especially spaces that are not traditionally considered in this frame.

“New York City has a rich history of creative and political expression,” says Stephen Duncombe, project director and Theatrum Mundi fellow, “but with the privatization of public space, the surveillance of political communications, the commercialization of creative expression, and the virtualization of social gatherings, we want to imagine how we can transform spaces in the city into places for free expression. The Designing for Free Speech challenge offers a forum to do this.”

A jury selected nine proposals to be exhibited at the Center for Architecture in New York City and be awarded a small sum toward their implementation. The public also selected two additional proposals via an online voting system at http://designingforfreespeech.org/gallery/. The jury consisted of Lance Jay Brown, FAIA; Henry N. Cobb, FAIA; Lisa Keller; Richard Sennett; Stephen Duncombe; Gianpaolo Baiocchi; Mary Miss; Mindy Thompson Fullilove; and Ida C. Benedetto.

Theatrum Mundi is a professional network of urbanists and artists in different cities co-directed by Richard Sennett, Saskia Sassen, and Richard Burdett. The collective consists of academics, architects, planners, and performing and visual artists, with the aim to stimulate discussion about practices spanning stage and street. www.theatrum-mundi.org

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cardboard pavilion blog




yellow, red & blue



cardboard pavilion


some masks @ SAM

Photos: Dimitris Papanikolaou

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museum sketches: SAM

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The Spiral

The Spiral for the Emancipated (Freed) Spectator

The Spiral is a temporary open-air structure for public events that suggests the blurring of the dichotomy between stage and auditorium. Inspired by Jacques Rancière’s “The Emancipated Spectator,” the project proposes a flexible spatial configuration that dissolves the distance between performers and audience. Instead of creating an auditorium based on (usual) concentric circles, the Spiral utilizes a spiral arrangement in which the “space for the audience” is not differentiated by that of the “space for performance;” instead a series of multi-level platforms are proposed that can create multiple relationships among multiple performances and multiple audiences. The Spiral is a modular structure that consists of three different sizes of triangular palettes that can be stored, moved, and (dis)assembled easily and quickly. It can be arranged in various configurations depending the needs of performance and the conditions of location.

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