bz @Workshop in the Woods

Invited to be part of the Audiovisual Workshop in the Woods this Fall. Very excited with this intellectual adventure.

The Digital Musics graduate program of the Dartmouth College Music Department is hosting its third annual Workshop in the Woods on Audio and Visual Synthesis fromOctober 21 to October 23, 2016 at Pierce’s Inn in Etna, New Hampshire.
The workshop is free to admitted attendees and includes meals and group lodging. The workshop is generously supported by Bregman Media Labs, the Graduate Program in Digital Musics, and the Neukom Institute.

This workshop brings together artists, musicians, composers, designers, architects, scientists, and engineers for a collaborative three day workshop on procedural, parametric, algorithmic, and generative means of creating audio, video, and objects.

The workshop will be located in a remote setting where participants will have free reign to roam the grounds, take hikes, and gather by a campfire at night. The evenings include performances and collective audio-visual synthesis improv sessions.



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