Polysensorial Installations - Architectural Apparatuses

Polysensorial Installations - Architectural Apparatuses

Sealed or windowless buildings disconnect humans from nature, disrupt their biological rhythms, and eventually cause them a series of problematic conditions. This talk presents a series of polysensorial installations that intervene in problematic spaces and act as architectural apparatuses for immaterial transformations of space. These apparatuses are primarily structural elements (walls, horizontal surfaces, objects, and modular systems) but can also constitute living structures that evolve in space, or playful "microtectures" that challenge perception, reveal immaterialities, and map the spatiotemporal changes. They engage subjectivity, the body, and the environment. By serving as a means to manipulate the surrounding environment, they constantly shape the way we perceive it. 

Title and abstract of my talk, as part of the Audiovisual Synthesis Workshop in the Woods.



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