Invited to lead an educational two-hour session during American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) annual FORUM. Here is the information about the topic of lecture/panel discussion with former students.

Shaking Foundations – The Art re(Turn) in Architecture
with Zenovia Toloudi

Borrowing his father’s metaphor, Pedro Gadanho characterizes the architectural profession as “cannibalistic,” being destroyed from within: a system of consumption in which young unpaid interns grow to either hate or replicate it. Current systems in architecture education reinforce this condition, leading to further division in the community. Creativity and experimentation are discouraged in contemporary corporate culture where the focus is on bottom-line profits. Architectural education and practice remain competitive and wedded to the rich-client/genius architect model resulting in a lack of equal opportunities for all. This session critiques and challenges this model, by taking an alternative approach. It is based on an artistic/architectural pedagogical model developed by Zenovia Toloudi and practice of Studio Z: Through specific examples and methods that “attack” architectural education/practice from its foundations to early professional years, the session showcases how architecture can become more experimental, more creative and more relevant to contemporary life through art. In particular, how the artistic approach can contribute to reconfigure the core essence of architecture whereby creating a new tradition.

Session as part of Track 4. It will be help on Friday December 30, 2016 between 2-4pm, at Westin Copley Place

About Track 4: Fabricating The Future | Sponsored by: GENSLER
 Discover what is at the heart of today’s innovation, tackling urban and cultural problems worldwide, alongside new technologies that are changing the design world. Think outside the box with researchers from the city’s most prestigious schools and test upcoming 3D tools that are taking the process of design to another level. Take this opportunity to challenge your mind, and to question what the world once thought to be impossible. It is time to exceed our own limits – time for change.



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