the architecture of display, you, and some other aqua-species

Can a prison for exotic animals and rare species, be your getaway spectacle for 25$? There are rules, rituals, and considerations, but at the end of the day, you rule, and they adapt to you.

A human being enters the tank to start feeding the domesticated creatures. The human being touches the fish and rewards it; as if the last can feel? Are there feelings and emotions among these other species? You are not supposed to tap the glass and bother the fish but there is no such a sign when there is a jelly. Other labels imply your superior nature against "the brainless, boneless creatures" or indicate a "fair" exchange between your playing (with the torch light) and their (need for?) training (in the case of penguins). Sometimes they even protect you from animals' (unacceptably?) aggressive swimming, like in the case of the trapped sea lions.

A clear sacrifice of these animals for your knowledge, awareness, and entertainment. Claustrophobia for them, while circling eternally around the same spot, functions greatly for your phantasmagorical display.  Artificial color in the tank creates a new kind of "ecosystem," perfect as background for your photos or to nurture your imagination. You get the greatest performance in front of your eyes and children, the perfect documentation of your weekend activities.

In this spectacle, the director did not follow the latest theories of performance and engagement: there is a clear separation between the actor, and the audience. Or did the operator took engagement further, to convert the spectator as the ruler? And how about the animals rights? The aquarium is not there to remind how small, how insignificant you are in this universe; on the opposite, it highlights man's dominance on earth, it nurtures your ego, the "macho" in you.

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