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Protheses: On Design and Research Methodology

Protheses presents a series of design and research methods towards the development of an architectural thesis. More specifically the presentation discusses: visualization tools for quantitative and qualitative data; inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research; research through making; original research; subjectivity; engagement with the discourse and society; and the individual voice. The use of the word Protheses, deriving from προ (=pro, before) and θέσεις (= theses, positions), has a double function: it refers to preparations for a thesis (Thesis Prep for WIT) including a literature review which happens prior to development of a thesis statement; and through its Greek meaning (προθέσεις = intentions), it emphasizes a personal approach to research methodology (one's intentions).

This Friday, October 25th, 8:00am at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Beatty, room 419.



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