Thesis Lab 2014: invitation to final review

Thesis Lab 2014, WIT, Image credits: Tom McCormack

WIT, APRIL 8, 2014

Part A (12:30-3pm)

Guests: Jessica Cole, Kim Poliquin, Ian Taberner, Etien Santiago, Andrew Ferentinos, Ben Peterson

Thesis Projects:

12:30pm // Crit room C

o   Stitching Society: Through Integrated Community Design, Michelle Bellucci

1pm // Crit space G

o   Micro-tecture: Reimagining the Urban Bus Stop and Bench, Caitlin Pandolph

o   Spectacle of Kinetic Structures: Bringing Function through Attraction, Jim Gibbons

2pm // Crit room A

o   Bio-Breathe Pavilion, Nick Gregshak

o   Liquidity of Architecture: Through Material and Tectonic Exploration, Ashley Brassette

Part B (3-6pm)

Guests: Carol Burns, Jennifer Lee, Jonathan Foote, Kaitlyn Payne, Sinead Gallivan, Zhanina Boyadzhieva

Thesis Projects:

3pm // Crit room A

o   Converse / Construct: Cur[e]ating a Contemporary Form of Agora, Pat Brady

o   The {Symbiotic} Cloud: Architecture of the Garage, Tom McCormack

4 pm // Crit room D

o   Interactive Surveillance: An Urban Network for Public Play, Richard Pignataro

5pm // Crit rooms E & B

o   Transparency & Illusion:  An Experience of Perception, Dan Santacroce

o   Blending by Destroying: Color, Light, and the Destruction of Form, Andrew Serfling

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