The Spiral

The Spiral for the Emancipated (Freed) Spectator

The Spiral is a temporary open-air structure for public events that suggests the blurring of the dichotomy between stage and auditorium. Inspired by Jacques Rancière’s “The Emancipated Spectator,” the project proposes a flexible spatial configuration that dissolves the distance between performers and audience. Instead of creating an auditorium based on (usual) concentric circles, the Spiral utilizes a spiral arrangement in which the “space for the audience” is not differentiated by that of the “space for performance;” instead a series of multi-level platforms are proposed that can create multiple relationships among multiple performances and multiple audiences. The Spiral is a modular structure that consists of three different sizes of triangular palettes that can be stored, moved, and (dis)assembled easily and quickly. It can be arranged in various configurations depending the needs of performance and the conditions of location.

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