from performance to architecture: Marina Abramovic part 2

After MAI (Marina Abramović Institute (click PART 1), Shohei Shigematsu presented the second project with Abramović, situated in the town of Centinje, Montenegro. Shigematsu mentioned the importance of creating an archive of communism, not just as a collection of monuments, but with the intention to preserve the feeling.

For this complex project (which is half represented by industry), they introduced also, together with Rem Koolhaas, and Hans-Ulrich Obrist, the idea of an Art Parking, a place where they can collect all the large installations that take place in the world, and they have no place to park themselves, as they need to be dismantled.

The most perhaps interesting part of this complex is the production of a social club space in the middle of the complex. This type of space can be found both in the communist era (e.g. the canteen, where one could find also a ping pong), but also in the technological industries (e.g. Google company, where one can find again pool tables and ping pong tables). This socialistic space will be also the visitor center of the complex.

To mark Marina Abramović legacy, the architects design a tower that is a direct translation of Marina's sketch of body enclosed in a tower, a drawing that represents her method. the tower becomes the entrance and the monument of the complex. 
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