20 years 1369!



What a great today to party at the beloved 1369 cafes! With live music and all teas, cafes, and sweets for free! From the 1369 website: 
In January of 1993, the 1369 Coffee House opened at 1369 Cambridge Street, in Cambridge’s Inman Square. The site was the former home of the 1369 Jazz Club, a well known local bar and music venue. In June 1994 we opened a second store in nearby Central Square...Many friendships, including several marriages, have developed at 1369. Several books and many theses have been written at our tables. We take pride in being a good neighbor and local gathering place. We are dedicated to maintaining this feeling.
In the Inman sq store I completed some chapters of my dissertation, and in the Central sq store...what can I say first? The last 5-6 years I waited family and friends to arrive, shared goodbyes with others, chatted intellectually and casually, drew sketches, read books, created new ideas and questions, had a lot of fun, some crying, did nothing, and had the most relaxing tea moments...

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