Cyborg Garden invitation

cyborg garden

An experiment between nature and technology, this cyborg hanging garden allows plants and artificial lights to co­exist and co­evolve based on people's movements. As visitors approach the installation, the light spectrum changes to enrich the energy provided to the plants' roots and to enliven the garage’s dark space. The installation makes viewers aware of the diversity of light we encounter in life: the lack of light, homogenous light in interior spaces, and over­lighted spaces.

ILLUMINUS Boston  /  Lansdowne Street, Fenway  /  OCT 10, 2015  /  6:30 pm – 12:30 am

Photodotes V: Cyborg Garden is a project created and produced by Zenovia Toloudi / Studio Z
Partially funded by Dartmouth College

Interaction Design: Spyros Ampanavos
Fabrication: Zenovia Toloudi, Samuel Golini
Fabrication Consultants: Gregory Elder, John J Biele, George Toloudis

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