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Just finished my chapter draft  Architecture & Living Matter(s) for an anthology about biology in art and architecture. 
Zenovia Toloudi / Studio Z, Photodotes II: Light Garden @Photograph by Dominic Tschoepe

Zenovia Toloudi / Studio Z, Photodotes III: Plug-n-Plant @Photograph by Kristophe Diaz

About the chapter:
The chapter critiques the current disengagement from the "living" while presenting a series of provocative metabolic structures. By analysing materials and media technology, building systems, and events that relate to the metabolic, the chapter proposes directions of speculative metabolic art/architectural installations that can affect architecture and improve the lives of people. It eventually creates a language of patterns of the aesthetics of the metabolic.

About the book:
The anthology titled The Routledge Handbook to Biology in Art and Architecture (forthcoming fall 2016) is co-edited by Dr. Charissa Terranova and Meredith Tromble. This anthology brings together essays from a transdisciplinary array of experts on biology in art, architecture, and design. They consider why, how, and under what circumstances artists, architects, and designers have integrated biology into their practices. The authors – artists, architects, designers, scientists, historians, and theoreticians – connect biological thought past and present, on topics such as complex systems, epigenesis, ecology, evolution, and expanded mind, to the use of living materials in art, architecture, and design. This anthology surveys the emergent field of biocreativity and outlines its theoretical foundations. The hybrid art-and-science thinking it reviews newly articulates the relationship between science and culture to meet the burgeoning needs of programs of academic study and research integrating biology into art, architecture, and design.

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