Few kilometers outside Athens, opposite the lake Vouliagmeni one can find 3 little bays, named "limanakia"/ λιμανάκια (=little bays/ ports). I visited the 2nd one, which also includes a bar. It is one of my favorite beaches in Athens. What is amazing in this beach is first of all the rock formations around the water, making it an excellent place for those who like to jump into the water. The wilderness of the landscape attracts young people or at least people that do not need a lot of luxury and they enjoy the basics. Architecturally, the interventions made in the landscape are remarkable. The "beach" is composed by a series of wooden decks attached to the rocks in various heights looking at the bay. The bar/ cantine is very basic and also has a wooden deck with simple tables/ benches right at the edge of the water. As I was browsing to find images for this post I realized that the waters in limanakia is offered for divers. In the same search I also discovered that Alexandros Papadiamantis has written "Ta limanakia" in 1907. However this seems to be for a different area.

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