quadrant graphs for food space

quadrant graph by Pierre Bourdieu in page 186 (via Gastronomica)

Illustration by Leigh Wells (via Gastronomica)

The above images were taken from Molly Watson's "Bourdieu's Food Space" article at Gastronomica. Watson describes her efforts on the re-interpretation of Bourdieu's quadrant graph: 
"...a new take on Bourdieu’s “The food space” chart. It has none of the deep sociological research that spawned the original behind it, and questions of women’s free time and status, as well as rates of food and cultural consumption, have been left off. I have embraced and re-positioned some of Bourdieu’s original categories and items, but also added some specific to 21st-century America. What I found rather glorious was how, when I thought through any single food item (i.e. yogurt), it couldn’t really be placed in one specific location. Rather, specific versions of it would belong in different places. Such are the choices and range of our foodstuffs. Such is the ever-widening world of human taste..."

To read the Molly Watson's article, visit Gastronomica (link)



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