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From left to right: Ayr Muir (Founder, Clover Food Lab); Zenovia/ Bee-Zee; Dr. Merry “Corky” White (Author, Culinary Anthropologist, Boston University); Dr. Eran Ben-Joseph (Author, “Re-thinking A Lot: The Design and Culture of Parking”);  Edith Murnane (Director of Food Initiatives, City of Boston); Christine Liu (America’s Test Kitchen, Founder, Boston Food Truck Festival); Irene Li (Mei Mei Street Kitchen); James DiSabatino (Roxy’s Grilled Cheese); Patrick Lynch (Bon Me). Photo Credits: Brennan Carley

Brennan Carley, covered the Food Truck Conference in which I participated the last day of February. Here, I include the photo from his "The Future of Food Trucks: What You Missed at Clover’s Food Truck 101" article and also, a quote which describes part of my contribution (a quote of my quote): 
'...Dr. Zenovia Toloudi, told the crowd that there was an observable link between the locations of the food trucks themselves and their popularity. “It’s not an accident that all these people at MIT don’t mind waiting in an hour long line to eat informally outdoors,” she joked. “They spend all day at their computers, but food trucks let us remember how important it is to experience the outdoors....'
To read all the article, press here. Stay tuned at BEE-ZEE for more on food trucks, food and other topics.

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