Athenian Architecture

"The Athenian architecture is the first Doric temple built with marble momon (Proparthenon, 490 BC), the first to use stone entablature in gallery (Royal Stoa, late 6th century BC), the first replacing the old wooden ceilings with marble ones (Parthenon, Temple of Hephaestus, etc.), the first to use large windows monumental compositions, the first who extended the Doric wheelbase (Propylaea, 437 BC, Stoa of Zeus Eleftherios Arcade Vravronos), the first who composed gallery with shaped edges backstage (Stoa of Zeus Eleftherios), the first who composed the stoa/ gallery in shape (Vrafron), the first who composed the peristyle/ colonnade (Pompeion), the first to compose, originally organic, independent buildings in a single composition (Propylaea) and, finally, the Athenian architecture is the first who developed an inventive design, capable to integrate orthonormal multiple units into preexisting irregularly shaped structure."

M. Korres, "Classical Athenian architecture", Athens. From the Classical Era to Today, Athens, 2000

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