Made in Greece Plus

Our exhibition "Made in Greece Plus" at the Boston Museum of Science has ended after being extended for the summer. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be hosted at the Museum for 8 months  (December 16th, 2011-August 12th, 2012)!

As Ioannis (Yannis) N. Miaoulis, Museum director and president reports the Museum has an average of 1.5 M visitors per year.

Overview of the exhibition with 16 plus 1 Greek participants

From the Press Release: "Made in Greece Plus exhibits contemporary built and unbuilt work by young Greek architects that demonstrate how design thinking, technological innovation, and scientific research play a role in the creation of the human-made environment. Sixteen architectural projects have been selected for the clarity of their objectives and the experimental character of their design strategies. These works are juxtaposed with one research installation that showcases how computational technology can foster design education. The diverse repertoire includes works that use digital technology to reinterpret craftsmanship; incorporate landscape topography to complement built form; mutate traditional typologies to invent new ones; organize building volumes to reflect social structure; create transformable interiors to maximize utilization of space; use social stereotypes to criticize culture; and develop computational tools to nurture structural intuition.Through these examples, Made in Greece Plus illustrates the value of design in the current socioeconomic conditions in Greece."

All photos are taken by Dominic Tschoepe @ Boston Museum of Science
More info about the exhibition @ Made in Greece Plus website [link] and @ Boston Museum of Science exhibitions archive [link]

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