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Street Warrior, Wearable Architecture by Adenrele Adewusi (SART 65: Architecture I, F2014)

Published @New Media International [LINK] May 1, 2015 

A gem of a digital arts program at Dartmouth College shows off at DAX2015

No matter your interests or digital discipline, DAX was rich with variety and captures your attention. If you have a couple of moments, this animated video by Lily Brown hits the spot.  [ Click here for link ] The scope, quality and diversity of artwork was excellent. It was a large exhibition that unfolded over three hours, beginning with a theater-sized digital video presentation in the Loeb Auditorium. The transition to the next portion of the exhibition was a walk through the grounds with an audio exhibition using the ambient acoustics of the environment to great advantage. Then, off to the Garage (yes, really a garage), where the exhibition was notable in its diversity of art and technology. As is so often the case with new media art, the audience was involved with the exhibition and enjoyed lively conversation about each piece. fashion show featured a wedding dress that lit up in response to the footsteps of the bride, 3-D printed vest, leather jacket with "break lights" and other unique metallic fashion designs. It was a fun finish to the evening. If you are not familiar with the undergraduate digital art program at Dartmouth College, interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged. DAX, itself, is a collaboration between academic departments across the campus,including Digital Arts, Digital Music, Computer Science, Studio Art, Theater, Digital Humanities, Film and Media Studies and Thayer School of Engineering. This was the Second Annual Digital Arts Exhibition. We are looking forward to next year at DAX.



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