MCUS light experiment: 24h


next photo: 12:07 [noon]

next photo: 14:42

next photo: 16:32

next photo: 16:55

next photo: 17:53

next photo: 20:35

next photo: 01:33

next photo: 01:35 [fully dark]

The MCUS light experiment started at 4pm on Monday July 18th and ended at 4pm on Tuesday next day.The experiment took part in a cycle of 24h at DZLAB indoors, having mostly indirect sunlight during the day and some artificial light during the night. I took a photo of MCUS every approximately half an hour in order to map out the different light and shadows conditions.
I selected the most representative "extreme" scenarios that depict the changes. For this blog post, I presented them from morning to night sequence, instead of [Monday] afternoon to [Tuesday] afternoon. MCUS leaves would harvest energy from the sun during the day [even without being directly exposed to sunlight] and would produce it as light back to the space at night.
Next experimentation on MCUS and light would be in a larger [in terms of number of leaves] instance of MCUS at direct sunlight.
Stay tuned.

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